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Our events require pre-payment, no walk-in's...
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Spring-time brings a welcome opportunity to practice meditation at the Cowee School led by Alarka Expeditions expert on horticulture and all things botanical Jack Johnston.


Jack practices a no-frills, easy to grasp, form of Kriya Yoga meditation. No props necessary. We'll basically sit in a semi-circle in regular chairs with gentle lighting.

Kriya Yoga is a non-denominational spiritual practice open to anyone wishing to experience greater peace, clarity, and wholeness. 

6PM the last Monday of each month



Mushrooms with Marina Buckner

Alarka friend and mushroom expert Marina Buckner is back for the first foray of 2023! 

This outing is perfect for retirees, homeschooling parents with kiddos or anyone looking to gain mycelium knowledge.

Marina wants to discuss companion tree species of fruiting fungi and so much more at this fun event. 

This event takes place in Macon Co..




LIGHTNING BUGS of Macon County

We're so happy to bring you Sarah Johnson and her bioluminous friends. Sarah's our favorite naturalist-farmer-mother and she knows how to enjoy and share her knowledge about the insects that light our sweet Appalachian nights. 

We will enjoy a crepuscular conversation about the lightning bugs and foxfires followed by gentle walks on her ancestral land.


Wear sturdy ankle supporting shoes, bring a walking stick (wildlife-friendly red lights are provided). Dates are weather dependent with full refund if we cancel due to weather.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As main dates (below) fill, adjacent nights will be added. 

Blue Ghosts Walks:  

May 17th and adjacent nights. @ 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM 

Adult: $50

Youth: (18 or under): $25

(additional walks available on adjacent dates, email for more info)

Smokey Synchronous Saunters:

June 12th. @ 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM'ish

Adult: $50

Youth: (18 or under) $25

(additional walks available on adjacent dates, email for more info)

Phantom Ghosts Wanderings:

June 16th

@ 8:30 PM –10:30 PM or later

Adult: $50

Youth: (18 or under) $25

June 18th (Father's Day) @ 8:30 PM –10:30 PM or later

Adult: $50

Youth: (18 or under) $25

(additional walks available on adjacent dates, email for more info) 

jack with stewartia.jpg

Mountain Camellias w/ Jack

Anytime spent with Jack and his Mountain camellias is pure magic. No one knows them better and it's why he has a massive following in the world-wide horticultural world. 

There's perhaps no more elusive native shrub in the wild than this tea-family species and there's certainly none that are harder to grow in the landscape setting. 

This season we're offering 2 opportunities to experience these amazing species, with Jack's leadership and tutelage. 

$50 REGISTER HERE to visit a wild population of Mountain camellia w/ Jack

Saturday, June 24 10AM-12:30PM

(creek crossings are involved)

$45 REGISTER HERE to visit Jack's Otto NC forested garden

Tuesday, June 27 10AM-12:30PM

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