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Spring-time brings a welcome opportunity to practice meditation at the Cowee School led by Alarka Expeditions expert on horticulture and all things botanical Jack Johnston.


Jack practices a no-frills, easy to grasp, form of Kriya Yoga meditation. No props necessary. We'll basically sit in a semi-circle in regular chairs with gentle lighting.

Kriya Yoga is a non-denominational spiritual practice open to anyone wishing to experience greater peace, clarity, and wholeness. 

The next meditation is at 


Monday, Nov. 27th



Save these dates...Winter Alarka Offerings:

Our calendar is fastening down soon but for now, save these dates. Registration info is on the way!


This season, we're bringing you artist Helen Roger's FINDING THE SPIRIT OF THE FOREST

Dec. 16th

WINTER TREE I.D. & Hygge w/ Brent & Angela

Jan. 6th 2024

MOSSES w/ Ed Schwartzman

Jan. 27th


2nd Annual

Little Tennessee Phenology and Poetry Paddle

The high lonesome Little Tennessee river is one of the most biologically abundant rivers in the southern Appalachians and the cultural and natural history is well documented.


Join us as we impart our favorite way to commune with the river - weaving in writing prompts and phenological accounts, watching the birds and paddling along the current.


A dry bag and journal is essential. Portage + shuttle included.

1PM-6'ish PM

Sunday, October 22

$75 for kayak/gear rental

$45 if you bring your own


Finding the Spirit of the Forest:

This workshop will lead us on a journey of ritual, meditation, and craft. Exploring the natural environment together, we will create forest figures representative of spirits we may meet through meditation. These figures will be crafted using a small and thoughtful amount of natural materials such as such as nuts, pods, leaves, branches, and loose mosses gathered from the environment. A thanking ritual for obtaining these materials will deepen our connection to the Earth.


The most important thing to know about Helen Rogers is that she is a retired government scientist turned artist. Helen collects natural materials and found objects to blend into creatures of the forests, technology, and her imagination.

Sunday, Dec. 17th


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