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Growing instruction for a few of the seeds we offer:

Franklinia alatamaha (Franklin “tree”)

Franklinia seeds require a cold stratification period of 12 weeks or more. It is recommended that seeds be placed in a slightly damp peat and refrigerated for that time. (Or sew outside in colder climates) Afterwards, they can be planted and should germinate when the outside weather warms.  Pots should have good drainage which can be achieved by the addition of perlite to the planting mix. It may help to place pinebark nuggets in the bottom of the pot for good drainage.

Stewartia ovata (Mountain camellia) and Stewartia malacodendron (Silky camellia):

Surface sow them in a regular potting mix, in one gallon pots and set outside. The most important thing is to secure some hardware cloth on top of the pots so that rodents can’t rifle them about. Then wait for 2 years for them to pop up!

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