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Jack Johnston

We first met Jack as a bird-watching instructor and soon learned that his knowledge contained no bounds. Be it the art of meditation, birding, rare and endangered plant propagation, garden tours or apple grafting, Jack brings a defining element to our offerings.

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Cara-Lee Langston

We first met Cara at a liqueur-making workshop when she was assisting our friend and Botanologos founder, Patricia Kryritsi-Howell. She is the owner-operator of Wildcraft Kitchen, in the north Georgia southern Appalachians.

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Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson's roots in the southern Appalachians are as deep as her commitment to them. She is a self-taught naturalist and her lightning bug and woodcock experiences are an Alarka Expeditions mainstay.

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Adam Bigelow

Adam Bigelow first came to our attention as a radical stand-up bassist. He also runs western North Carolina's premier flower event outlet, Bigelow's Botanical Excursions, which he founded. 


John Lane

Author/Paddler/Educator/Friend, John Lane has been a dear ally and correspondent of Alarka before there was an Alarka Expeditions. He's led exquisite events for us as well having led us through every kind of weather. Visit our John Lane Rivers & Land Library by appointment! 


Marina Buckner

Marina's name came up on a naturalist hike with area homeschoolers. To which we said, "Yes! We do need a mushroom expert!"

The rest is history and Marina remains our favorite outdoorsperson/mushroomist/alchemist/gourmand!  


Ed Schwartzman

Botanist, nurseryman, intrepid human.


Eddi Minche

Eddi is a living legend and a dear friend & mentor. An accomplished jeweler and woodswoman.

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