Jack Johnston

We first met Jack as a bird-watching instructor and soon learned that he contained multitudes and that his generosity was infinite. Whether it's rare and endangered plant propagation, garden tours or apple grafting, Jack brings a defining element to our offerings.

jack with stewartia_edited.jpg

Cara-Lee Langston

We first met Cara at a liqueur-making workshop when she was assisting our friend and Botanologos founder, Patricia Kryritsi-Howell. She is the owner-operator of Wildcraft Kitchen, in the north Georgia southern Appalachians.

Cara-Lee Langston.jpg

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson's roots in the southern Appalachians are as deep as her commitment to them. She is a self-taught naturalist and her lightning bug and woodcock experiences are an Alarka Expeditions mainstay.

Adam Bigelow

Adam Bigelow first came to our attention as a radical stand-up bassist. He also runs western North Carolina's premier flower event outlet, Bigelow's Botanical Excursions, which he founded.